Our Facility is Plattsburgh NY is where Zafra launched its first Hosting Facility. We started this facility in January 2018. With the moratorium that happened in Plattsburgh in March of 2018, it halted our expansion plans and left us stuck with the 250kWs we built out. In this facility we showcase our BitBox which is a All-In-One indoor mining solution that simplifies buildouts inside buildings, and has the ability to recapture the waste heat output from servers or miners that can be reutilized to heat a building, or other uses.

Since the moratorium has been lifted in February 2019, we are currently working on expanding and building out 3 new facilities in Plattsburgh, ranging in size but totaling 10-15MWs of power spread across all three. We do not have start dates yet for all of the facilities, but if anyone is interested in hosting or partnership opportunities in Plattsburgh, please send us an inquiry!



Our facility in Illinois is situated within a decommissioned, demolished steel mill that encompasses a total of 900 acres with incredible transportation and logistics infrastructure such as barge dock, rail, and interstate.  The Site once employed 600 steelworkers, and now Zafra has teamed up with its partner Sangha Systems to support local economic development.

We have access to an 82 MW privately owned substation, which is metered at transmission-level voltage.  A few old structures are left standing and can be re-purposed, but Zafra is excited to have 3 MW of mining hardware currently running on Site within our custom BitTrailer53’s.  For more information about our BitTrailer53’s, click here. Each Trailer has the ability to run up to 2.5 MW of mining hardware or other computing servers.

With the immense capacity the Site offers, please contact us to discuss how you can get involved at this “Tomorrowland” facility while we are actively expanding our capacity to host more miners!